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Aims and Objectives

Modern English Research Alliance (MERA) is established under the aegis of Ayush Foundation, a non-governmental organization, established in the year 2017, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and Trust Registration Act 1950. The aim of the MERA is to further knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the English literary studies.

The aims and objectives of MERA, as incorporated in its constitution, are as follows:

  • To advance humanistic learning by encouraging the study of culture and literature written and translated in English.  Modern English Research Alliance (MERA) shall actively encourage fellowship and scholarly interaction among persons interested in various authors, their art, their ideas, and their times. 
  • To facilitate interchange of literary ideas and information and institute such activities in Maharashtra and other states. In furtherance of these aims, the Association may organize national / international literary research seminars / workshops / conferences and other related activities in different parts of the country every one / two / three years as the Executive Committee may decide from time to time.
  • To promote the study of and an exchange of knowledge about all aspects of contemporary studies, including, but not limited to, language, literature, culture, history, politics, economics and international relations, etc. as a not-for-profit scholarly organization.
  • To bring together teaching and research staff active in the study of language, culture and literature written and translated in English; representing the study of language, culture and literature written and translated in English at national and international level.
  • To promote Indian English Literature in general, publish journal for the contributions of the members and subscribers.
  • To be an Association devoted to the academic interests of the teachers and scholars of English. To strive to promote and advance the cause of English literary studies.
  • To promote study, criticism and research in the world literatures written in English and further the common interests of the teachers of these subjects, teaching in the colleges and universities.
  • To strive to establish contacts with similar learned and cultural organizations in other parts of the world.
  • To open its various chapters/branches in different parts/zones of India, whenever the Executive Committee so desires for research and development of literary studies.
  • To organize conferences, conventions and colloquia as appropriate in various parts of India and elsewhere; publish proceedings of such conferences, issue bulletins, newsletters and committee reports; publish research journals, bibliographies and similar other academic and professional works with reference to English Literary Studies.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information among teachers and researchers in the field and formulating proposals for collaborative activities in different institutions.
  • To provide a forum for graduate students pursuing study in the subject.
  • To co-operate with schools, colleges and other relevant institutions and organizations, in the interests of the subject.
  • To arrange and organize social, cultural and educational programmes from time to time.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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