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Modern English Research Alliance invites your attention to the Call for Manuscripts for The Context Journal as per the following schedule.
The Context (ISSN 2349-4948) is a peer-reviewed / refereed international online journal of English Studies. It is published quarterly (January, April, July and October) in an open access domain by Modern English Research Alliance. The main objective of the journal is to provide a publishing platform to budding and established scholars. Academic research manuscripts are invited for consideration, produced by scholars who are interested in the areas of Literary Studies. Unpublished manuscripts not currently under consideration by any other publisher are invited from scholars. Research students are encouraged to submit manuscripts for consideration.
We do NOT accept unsolicited book reviews and interviews for publication. Please write to us before submitting book reviews and interviews for publication.

Manuscript guidelines

First page of the manuscript should contain name and institutional affiliation / full address of the author(s), one co-author is permissible. Text of the manuscript must precede a brief summary (abstract) of approximately 200 words and 3-5 keywords.
Type manuscript on A4 paper (8.29”x11.69”) double spaced with one inch margin and Arial typeface with 12 point, and submit as an email attachment. Keep word processing as simple as possible, give your own name to the word file. Please follow MLA (9th edition) style of documentation. Manuscript should range between 2000 to 5000 words. Author(s) bio note strictly not more than 50 words should be added at the end of the paper (optional). We evaluate full submissions only. Only one co-author is permissible.

Submit your manuscript by email to: editor@thecontext.in

All manuscripts are fully peer-reviewed, give useful feedback to authors. We do careful copy editing and help published research reach wider audience through multiple online academic platforms. The Context being online journal has global readership of researchers thereby increases your article citation score.
Periodicity of Publication
 Issue Submission Last Date Publication Date
 January 15th December every year 1st January every year
 April 15th March every year 1st April every year
 July 15th June every year 1st July every year
 October 15th September every year     1st October every year
For any other help write us: editor@thecontext.in
WhatsApp: 7887 800 900

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