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Modern English Research Alliance (MERA) publish precisely targeted books of academic research in Humanities and Social Sciences for students, researchers and and academics in higher education.
We  invite organizers of academic events to collaborate with us to publish best research papers of the seminars, conferences and special lecture series in UGC Approved Journal The Context Journal of language, literary and cultural studies (ISSN 2349-4948). We publish in digital format and recommend Eco-friendly publishing with the benefit of wider dissemination and one-click availability of the published material anywhere anytime. We also publish in print format with ISBN. We shall be happy to work with you, contact us well in advance to plan your publications.
We also accept proposals for print publication in book format with ISBN and / or souvenir as a conference proceeding. Articles presented at a conference may be published in a book format in print, in an academic journal in digital format and as a souvenir. Contact us to decide which option will be more suitable as per the requirement, plan your proposal well in advance to complete the project in time.

Why Publish With MERA?

When many publishers and journals out there, you may like to know why publish with Modern English Research Alliance (MERA)? Because -
  • Each manuscript undergoes stringent originality check (anti-plagiarism) thereby ensuring adherence to publication ethics.
  • We use originality check tool to make sure that there is no copyright violation.
  • We carefully copy edit manuscript to ensure correctness of language.
  • We publish manuscript only after receiving at least two peer-reviewers positive reports to the editor. Mostly comments are forwarded to the author.
  • We make sure that the research has contemporary relevance in the global state of  affairs.
  • Recognized international standards are followed for publication format.
  • Timely publication of each issue of the Journal.
  • Best articles featured on academic websites and other platforms.
  • The Context being e-journal has global readership of researchers thereby increasing your article citation score.
  • Continuous updating in international indexing database shall take place very soon.
  • The Context offers reference  services to the authors to help conduct good research and to keep their work up to date by taking review of already published research
Want to know more please drop your questions / comments / suggestions / feedback here.

Advertise with us
Conference organizers partnering in publishing with us are offered advertising space on Modern English Research Alliance (MERA) web pages without any additional cost.

Compare Publishing Packages

We provide self-publishing opportunities to authors. Compare what each publishing package contains and decide which one will provide features you will require as an authors / editor of the proposed book. If your requirements are not covered in our packages please write to us.


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