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What is the meaning behind the name The Context?
Anything beyond the specific words of a literary work that may be relevant to understanding the meaning. Contexts may be economic, social, cultural, historical, literary, biographical, etc. Most of the significant research is based on proper consideration of the contexts.

Is the journal The Context UGC Approved?
Yes, The Context Journal was Approved by UGC and is included in the List of Journals. Currently it is not in the List.

Is the journal The Context peer reviewed?
Yes, The Context Journal is fully peer reviewed.

How much time it takes to peer review the submitted article?
To peer review the submitted article it takes two to four weeks time, for it is voluntary activity by academics and sometimes it may take litter longer time.

Is the journal The Context indexed?
Yes, The Context Journal is indexed in Directory of Research Journal Indexing which has globally recognized indexing directories as associated partners.

How do I send my research paper for publication?
You should send your research article manuscript for consideration by email to: editor@thecontext.in

Is there publication fee in The Context?
No, we do not charge any publication fee.

Will my paper be published if I do not sign licensing agreement and declaration of originality certificate?
No, corresponding author must sign licensing agreement and declaration of manuscript originality certificate to proceed with publication. If you fail to do so your article will not be published, and chief editor and publisher shall not be held responsible for that.

Can I guest post on Modern English Research Alliance blog?
Yes, you can guest post on Modern English Research Alliance blog. Your post should be within the scope of our mission and objectives. There is no word limit for the post, it is subject to moderation by editorial manager.

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