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Ayush Foundation was established with a vision to build skills sector and develop entrepreneurs, including dissemination of research in higher education. Ayush Foundation actively engage in English Literary Studies via Modern English Research Alliance*. We are registered with the Charity Commissioner, Maharashtra. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization - assessed by TSN Certification India, accredited by Euro Universal Accreditation System USA.

Modern English Research Alliance is established under the aegis of Ayush Foundation, with the vision to promote and disseminate English literary studies.

MERA organizes following events to achieve its aims and objectives;

Local Meetings

Modern English Research Alliance (MERA) organizes local meetings so that members and their friends can gather for readings, lectures, discussion, and literary pleasantness throughout the year - not just during our annual conference. These meetings bring together young scholars, established professors, passionate readers, and anyone who would like to engage in (or even just observe) our ongoing conversation about literature.


The Colloquium (a usually academic meeting at which specialists deliver addresses on a topic or on related topics and then answer questions relating to them) is intended for post graduate students and PhD research scholars in the broad field of English literary studies, including those who have recently completed their studies.


We organize an Annual Conference Online and in-person around major cities of Maharashtra and elsewhere, with panels covering a wide range of literary topics. In such conferences and seminars, we celebrate the art of literature and encourage the work of scholars, critics, and writers.

Educator Award

Modern English Research Alliance confers Educator Award to recognize the contribution to education by teachers in its Annual Research Meet. To register for the Educator Award use this link: Apply here.

*Previously Association for English Literary Studies, name changed to avoid identity conflict as per statutory compliance.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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